Making School Work For Your Child


Making School Work is for parents whose children struggle to work up to their potential in school because of learning issues, problems with attention or development, or social/emotional concerns.  It offers useful information and “helpful hints” drawn from my experience evaluating children and working with parents for over 30 years.  It will focus on giving parents tools so they can help their children succeed, in school and in life. 

Please post your comments, and ask questions.  It’s what teachers tell your children—put your hand up and ask, because there are probably other parents with the same questions!

By now, the first school term is over, or nearly over.  You’ve probably been seeing more signs of how well your child is handling schoolwork and expectations—papers sent home with grades and comments, tests, book reports, etc.  Some schools have a site or portal where parents can check their children’s grades almost in “real time”—every […] Read more »

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