No Parent Left Behind guides parents of children with any type of special learning need through the Special Education universe. Written by a clinical psychologist with over 32 years’ experience in evaluating and advocating for children, it tells parents in an organized, step by step fashion exactly how they can help their child succeed in school. In this comprehensive, easy to read book, parents will learn how to

  • Monitor their child’s early development for signs of possible difficulty
  • Identify their child’s needs within an academic setting
  • Understand all the documentation needed to successfully advocate for their child
  • Choose a skilled independent evaluator and get all the necessary testing to document a child’s current performance and needs
  • Understand test results and testing reports
  • Advocate for appropriate services and help craft an effective Individualized Education Program
  • Get the most help from outside professionals, and
  • Monitor their child’s progress over time.

The clearly-presented Roadmap shows parents the necessary steps they’ll need to take to ensure that their child makes effective progress, from an initial concern to successful school completion. Detailed suggestions are provided to help parents support their children at home–practicing skills that are weak, keeping track of goals and growth, providing necessary structure, checking in with school staff and other professionals, monitoring progress reports, and advocating for additional help when it is needed. The legal rights of parents and children are explained in detail, along with a step by step explanation of what parents can do when their child is not being successful in his or her current program.

The book’s take-away message is that parents know their children best, but often they will need expert professional help to ensure that schools will listen and provide the necessary instruction. The author includes numerous case studies drawn from her extensive experience, outlining each child’s learning profile and what was done to help. After reading this book, parents will have the critical information they need to ensure that their child is learning and making the best possible progress. Parents will know how to “make school work” for their child.