Independent evaluations are performed by clinicians who have no stake in the outcome—they are independent agents who do not work for schools or for parents, either.  The best ones are only concerned with the needs of each child they work with.  The goal of an independent evaluator is to provide thorough, skillful, accurate testing to determine a child’s strengths, weaknesses, learning style and any learning needs, and then to provide the best recommendations to help that child make effective progress in school.  Independent evaluators are not limited by what services a child’s school has on hand.  They recommend what a child truly needs to overcome any learning disabilities.  When they are carefully selected for skill and experience, these evaluators are a parent’s best assurance of honesty, completeness, and accuracy.  They work with parents to get the best possible services for a child.  They monitor a child’s progress with objective, nationally-normed tests that a child completes on his or her own, to truly demonstrate what skills he or she has mastered.  This should be every parent’s goal, too.

Many parents contact Neurodevelopment Associates for an independent evaluation, which I have been providing for over 30 years.  Click here to find out more.