Does your child struggle to make friends?  Is he anxious about going to school or starting to resist going in the morning?  Does she complain about stomachaches or headaches in the morning, or when she gets home?  Does he have trouble following the routines and rules in school?  Have teachers or administrators told you about behavior problems in school?  Does she complain about the work, the teachers, the other kids?  Does he seem unhappy about school?

These and other social/emotional areas can make it difficult or even impossible for your child to learn and make effective progress.  Often, there is a learning or attention problem, but not always.  Many children struggle to be successful socially with peers.  They have emotional difficulties that result in reduced learning as well as social isolation.  This starts with neurological vulnerabilities—and then what we see are certain behaviors as children try to cope with their particular brain patterns.  First the brain, then the behavior.  These children need skilled help to learn new social or emotional coping strategies and behaviors that support them in school (and out).  Again, the first step for parents is a comprehensive evaluation with special attention to a child’s coping style, available strategies, and areas of stress, followed by focused recommendations that will improve his or her functioning.  Parents need to understand the why of behavior as well as what to do about it.Our services can help you to help your child achieve social success in school.  Click here to find out more.