Here’s how parents can compare what would be offered by Neurodevelopment Associates, Inc. (NAI) compared to a typical hospital or school evaluation.

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Neuropsychological Tests GreenCheck2 RedX2 GreenCheck2
Cognitive Tests GreenCheck2 GreenCheck2 GreenCheck2
Psychological (Emotional) Tests
(if needed)
GreenCheck2 RedX2 * GreenCheck2
Academic Tests GreenCheck2 GreenCheck2 RedX2
Followup and Support for Parents GreenCheck2 RedX2 RedX2
Parent Friendly Report GreenCheck2 RedX2 RedX2
Appointment Wait Time GreenCheck2 RedX2 RedX2
Number of evaluation sessions GreenCheck2 RedX2 GreenCheck2
Report Wait Time GreenCheck2 RedX2 RedX2


* Some school systems have psychologists who are capable of providing psychological/emotional testing which is highly specialized


To thoroughly understand the value of an independent evaluation, you may want watch the video of our workshop on the topic (38 minutes):

Understanding Independent Evaluations (slides)

Youtube video

Vimeo video (high resolution)



Neuropsychological Tests Neuropsychological testing can help identify how a problem with your child’s brain is affecting their ability to reason, concentrate, solve problems, or remember.
Cognitive Tests Assess a wide range of abilities, including attention, memory, problem-solving, language skills and intellectual functioning.
Psychological (Emotional) Tests
(if needed)
Assess the emotional functioning of children and adults.
Academic Tests Measure skills in reading, writing and mathematics.
Followup and Support for Parents Availability for telephone or in-person support of parents as needed. This can include parent meetings to discuss the evaluation report, classroom observations of current and proposed programs, attendance at TEAM meetings, and testimony at hearings.
Parent Friendly Report Reports written in non-technical language that can be readily understood by parents, and offer direct recommendations for how best to support your child.
Appointment Wait Time How long will you have to wait for the evaluation appointment?
Number of evaluation sessions Evaluations should usually be completed in 1 or sometimes 2 sessions.  Schools have 45 school days to complete testing and will frequently take a child for many brief sessions that interrupt class time.
Report Wait Time How long after completing the evaluation will you receive your report.