Links to Services Companies

Date posted: February 20, 2015

Note: although we briefly list the services available from these companies that we consider to be most relevant to legacy modernization, there are other products and services available from all of them. We recommend researching each web site to familiarize yourself with their complete offerings.

We divide services companies into 5 categories based on what we consider to be their primary services:

  • Re-hosting – minimal changes to an application to move an application to another platform, typically from a mainframe to Linux, Unix or Windows, usually supported by emulation products.
  • Renovation – a renovation (also know as a code translation) project will create some specific mass change to an application, such as translating one language to another, translating from one database (or indexed files) to a SQL database management system, translating the user interface from a character based UI to a graphical UI, certain types of specialized translation, or a combination of the above. In general, renovation projects are highly tool intensive, and for many vendors may provide 100% or very close to 100% of all changes using an automated tool.Renovation may or may not include re-hosting, just as re-hosting may or may not include renovation. They frequently go together in a project, and as a result many people think of them as the same thing – which they are definitely not.
  • Re-architecting – a re-architecting project is superficially similar to renovation in that it generally results in an application source represented by a new language, a new database, a new UI, and (in the case of mainframe applications) a re-hosting as well. However, re-architecting is distinguished from renovation in that it is a semi-automated process rather than a fully automated process, costs more, and produces a higher quality result in the form of properly organized object oriented source code (usually Java or C#).
  • Declarative Technologies – these new approaches to modernization are cutting edge ways to redevelop your applications, reducing the total lifetime cost of ownership significantly and promising that applications based on use of declarative technologies will never again become “legacy”
  • Others

Please note that these categories constitute a spectrum rather than clearly discrete pigeonholes, and companies are assigned based solely on our opinion.


Clerity Solutions, Inc. (re-hosting specialist and owner of Unikix product), now part of Dell

Fresche Legacy (formerly Speedware, a re-hosting and renovation specialist and North American representation for XFrame)

HTWC (re-hosting and renovation specialist, owner of XFrame product)

Lead Point Inc. (re-hosting and renovation specialist)

Renovation/Code Translation:

Anubex (European specialist in re-hosting and translation for a variety of languages)

Asysco (mainframe to native .NET specialist, recently acquired by Anubex)

Forecross Corporation, (specialist in re-hosting and translation for ADSO/IDMS and Adabas Natural systems)

Inglenet Business Solutions (formerly Allinson-Ross, North American specialist in Unisys/OS 2200)

Language Portability (COBOL to C#)

Metaware,, (European specialist in re-hosting and translation for a variety of languages and platforms)

Modern Systems (formed by merger of Ateras and Blue Phoenix), (specialist in re-hosting and translation for a variety of languages, business rule extraction)

MOST Technologies Ltd.,, (mainframe legacy modernization and NATURAL/ADABAS translation specialist)

MSS International, (specialist in Unisys systems, LINC and COBOL to Java)

Raincode, (specialist in IDEAL/Datacom translation, COBOL restructuring, and Pacbase translation)

Semantic Designs, (specialist in re-hosting and translation for a variety of languages)

Software Mining,, (COBOL to Java translation product, listed here because most renovation offerings are services not products)

Fresche Legacy (formerly Speedware, a re-hosting and renovation specialist for HP 3000, AS/400, and mainframe)

Synthesis Management & Consulting GmbH, (European specialist in Unisys/OS 2200)

The Software Revolution (TSRi) , (translation services for a variety of languages, business rule extraction)

Xseed Consultoria, (COBOL to Java translation, modernization consulting)


Make Technologies (re-architecting product and services, now part of Dell)

Metex (re-architecting services)

Modern Systems (formed by merger of Ateras and Blue Phoenix), (re-architecting product and services)

ResQSoft (re-architecting product and services)

Trinity Millennium Group, (business rules extraction and re-architecting services)

Declarative Technologies:

Mission Critical IT (ODASE™ inference engine)

Raincode, (domain specific languages – DSLs)

Xactis, (domain specific languages – DSLs)


Erudine (Erudine Behaviour Engine – EBE™)

Legsem,, open source initiative for mainframe/open systems integration with related services

MSS International, (the MSS Synchronizer product was designed to implement the Test Driven Modernization methodology)