Links to Product Companies

Date posted: February 20, 2015

Business rule extraction products and related services:

Erudine (Erudine Behaviour Engine – EBE™ – for business rule extraction)

Hatha Systems (business rule extraction product and services, from the people who created Relativity)

IPSumMiner (business rule extraction product)

Mission Critical IT (ODASE™ inference engine for business rule modeling and algebraic completeness analysis to identify inconsistencies)

Micro Focus (purchased the well respected Relativity product though it is difficult to find on its web site, acquired by Attachmate in late 2014)

Modern Systems (formed by merger of Ateras and Blue Phoenix), (specialist in re-hosting and translation for a variety of languages, business rule extraction)

Software Mining,, (COBOL to Java, business rules extraction product for license)

Xactis, (business rules extraction services)

COBOL compilers:

AcuCorp (now part of Micro Focus)

COBOL-IT (open source COBOL with professional support services)


Heirloom Computing, Inc. (COBOL compiler producing Java byte code, based on LegacyJ)


Liant COBOL (now part of Micro Focus)

Micro Focus

Raincode, (IBM mainframe compatible COBOL for .NET only)

Veryant isCOBOL

Other COBOL compilers listed at

CICS and Other Emulators

(see the Enabling Products page)

Other compilers:

Liant PL/1 (now part of Micro Focus)

Raincode PL/1, (IBM mainframe compatible PL/1 for .NET only)

Other products:

COBOL-IT, SQL precompilers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server

McCabe, advanced code coverage and code quality analytics

Micro Focus re-interface (SOA Express, EnterpriseLink) and re-learn (Micro Focus APM).

Modern Systems (formed by merger of Ateras and Blue Phoenix), (application understanding)

Semantic Designs a variety of code quality and modernization tools

Treehouse,, Adabas data conversion and Natural code coverage and analytical tools