If you are a parent whose child has any type of learning problem, emotional issue, or developmental delay, you may worry that they aren’t getting the help they need.  Our services enable parents to succeed, by helping their children succeed.

  • The MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE between Dr. Brefach’s services and those of most other providers is that she is completely objective, unbiased, focused solely on a child’s needs, and is willing to back up her results with active advocacy for your child

What this means for you and your child:

  • With a report from our clinic, parents understand their child’s strengths and know exactly what their child needs to succeed.
  • We are committed to obtaining the right education for your child, no matter how many meetings or how long it takes.
  • We follow up to be sure your child makes effective progress in learning.
  • We refer parents to professionals in other disciplines, and work with these professionals to be sure that all your child’s needs are being addressed.
  • We attend Team meetings, observe school programs, and provide expert testimony on your child’s behalf if that is needed.

YOU are the expert on your child.  You know them better than anyone else—but our services can ensure that your child becomes an effective learner.  If you are a parent with concerns about your child’s education, then we are here to help.

At Neurodevelopment Associates, our mission is making school work for your child.  To do that, we focus on the objective facts obtained from a skilled and sensitive evaluation.  The testing is comprehensive rather than partial.  It provides an integrated picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  It is presented in a way that makes sense to parents.  And Dr. Brefach is willing and available to advocate for your child to whatever extent is necessary—until your child is making effective progress.  We don’t expect parents to advocate alone, and we follow up on a child’s progress over time.

The most complete, objective, usable evaluation plus ongoing support for you and your child.  At Neurodevelopment Associates, we make school work for your child.