When will the feedback session be scheduled?
When the testing is completed, the clinician and parents will find a time to meet to discuss the results and recommendations.  Most often, this happens during the next week.  Feedback sessions are booked for 1 ½ hours, but may run as long as 2 hours.  If parents have brought original copies of previous testing, IEPs, medical reports, or other documents, those will be reviewed by the clinician and returned at the feedback session.  Copies will be kept in the child’s file.  During the session, parents will be shown the test results on the actual response forms that were used.  The clinician will explain each result and answer questions.  The parents will be asked about the child’s history, current functioning, current help being provided, and about their concerns.  Recommendations will be discussed in detail, and may be modified slightly based on parental input.

If parents are already working with an educational advocate or attorney, these professionals can be invited to attend the feedback session.  In rare cases, a therapist or tutor may also attend.  Teens are invited to attend all or part of the session with parents.

When can we expect to receive the report?
In most cases, the written report will be sent to parents 4-6 weeks after testing.  At certain times of the year, the evaluator may take longer than this due to seasonal increases in workload, but will discuss this with parents.

What if my child needs additional evaluations?
In some cases, children will demonstrate significant difficulty in areas such as speech and language, fine motor or gross motor skills, sensory integration, attention, or emotional functioning.  The results of the neuropsychological evaluation may show a need for tutoring, coaching, medical services, therapy, or help in other areas.  NAI makes referrals to selected professionals in other disciplines, who can provide additional testing, recommendations for treatment, or direct services in their areas of specialization.  In each case, the referring clinician will consult and share information as necessary.

What happens after I receive the report?
This depends on your child’s needs.  Parents and the clinician will discuss the recommended “next steps” and a possible timetable.  If the clinician will be involved in meetings, observations, or other direct service, the estimated time commitment will be discussed.  The clinician is available to answer follow-up questions by telephone.  Occasionally, a second face-to-face meeting is scheduled with parents or a teen, to discuss the results.  This meeting is also a billed service.
If it seems likely that a child will benefit from having parents work with an educational advocate, a referral will generally be made at the feedback session.  NAI also works collaboratively with some of the most experienced and successful attorneys who specialize in special education law.  A list of attorneys can be provided, with an attempt to match availability and location with parents’ needs.
The clinician’s recommendations will usually include a suggested time interval for re-evaluation, depending on the level of concern about a child’s functioning.  NAI will send out an email reminder to parents, with a list of outside consultations or evaluations recommended, approximately one month after the report is sent.  An email reminder will also be sent as the time for re-evaluation approaches.