These are short videos (2 1/2-3 minutes) but to the point. If you have a specific question, post it at and Dr. Susan will do her best to answer.

Video Album

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1. How to Prepare for an IEP Meeting – What You Need To Know

Ever wonder how you should prepare for an IEP Meeting? Dr. Susan provides some valuable insights and practical suggestions.  or

2. How Do I Know If My Child Is Getting Enough Help At School?

Ever wonder if your child is getting enough help at school? Dr. Susan provides some helpful advice. or

3. My Child Won’t Go To School: What Can I Do?

Is your child having issues about going to school? This may be something to take seriously. Dr. Susan talks about what you can do to help. or

4. My Special Needs Child Doesn’t Have Any Friends: What Can I Do?

Do you have or know an elementary school age child with special needs that has difficulty making friends? Dr. Susan has some practical suggestions to help.

5. The School Tested My Child But Found No Reason To Provide Extra Services – What Can I Do?

If the school tested your child and found no reason to provide extra services, but you know something is not right, what do you do? Dr. Susan has some suggestions.

6. I Think My Child Has A Problem But The School Won’t Test – What Can I Do?

If you think your child has a problem, you are almost certainly correct, because you are the expert on your child. But what can you do if the school refuses to test your child? Dr. Susan has some recommendations.