Why Choose Neurodevelopment Associates?


Because we believe that You are the expert on your child. Because your child needs you to succeed. Because we make sure your voice is heard.

We have a different focus, and a different mission, from most other clinics and practices. We believe a skilled evaluation and the right recommendations are just the start. You also need the follow-up services, such as going to school meetings and observing current or proposed programs. The best report by itself may not have the impact on your child’s success that you want.

Working with you, we ensure that the programs and services your child receives are the ones he or she needs to make effective progress.  Our goal is to provide the expert help and support you need to meet your most important parenting goal–making sure your child succeeds in school and in life. We make school work for your child.



Parents –You wouldn’t buy your child half a winter coat – or wait until February to do so.

Why settle for half an evaluation that may not be everything that you need to help your child?

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The Special Ed Doctor Is In

The Special Ed Doctor videos can be found here.

We are collaborating with the authors of “Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid…A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Children” to create a weekly segment on Facebook, “The Special Ed Doctor Is In.” We will be providing easy-to-understand information and insights to help parents and caregivers better understand special education.

You are invited to use this link to participate in The Special Ed Doctor Is In or to provide it to anyone whom you feel may benefit: www.facebook.com/NoParent.

Parents are invited to post their questions about the topics that most interest (or confuse) them. Ask questions about:

  • IEP goals and services
  • Understanding the school’s testing
  • Helping your child with friends and outside activities
  • How to help develop skills at home
  • Teen issues- peers, academic concerns, independence
  • What other services does my child need?
  • How the whole family can be better organized
  • What will I get from an independent evaluation?
  • Communicating with the school
  • Handling behavior

And anything else that concerns you.



Videos From Our Workshops


All 4 Making School Work workshops are now available with presentation slides and with videos in Youtube format or high resolution Vimeo format: